New Delhi: As the trends gave way to the real picture of who won the seat of power in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry, political pundits took stock of the situation and analysed the cause of victory and defeat of various parties.

The big takeaways of verdict 2016 are:

Decisive mandates in all states.
BJP takes a big leap towards aim of pan-India presence.
Congress a liability for senior partners in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.
Jayalalithaa makes history by defeating anti-incumbency.
The big winner is Mamata Banerjee who decimated Left, thumbs up for governance style.
Setback for anti-BJP alliance experiment.
Jayalalithaa and Mamata could push for national role.
BJP gains at the expense of Congress in straight contests.
Big blow to Rahul Gandhi’s leadership and politics.
Amit Shah consolidates hold over BJP ahead of Uttar Pradesh elections.
Nitish Kumar’s hopes of being sole leader of anti-NDA front dashed.
Index of opposition unity at the Centre plummets.

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