Guwahati: After Assam’s assembly elections results were announced on Thursday where BJP stamped a massive victory and thrashed Tarun Gogoi’s government, BJP’s Ram Madhav in an exclusive conversation with NewsX discussed his party’s strategy during the elections and spoke about their future plans.
Madhav said that it was a most humbling mandate on one level but a very challenging one at another; we had never hoped that the people of Assam would repose such faith on us.
“We dedicate this victory for Maa Kamashka, Brahmaputra, Shri Shankera Deva; it’s them who symbolize to what we call Assam. We are handed by a mandate by which we are supposed to protect the identity of Assam and provide development,” he added.
The National general secretary of BJP also said, “We were expecting anywhere between 75-80 seats, but with the number that we got, the BJP is likely to inch closer to the majority; this is definitely something which we had not expected.”
“I am also told that the voting percentage is surprisingly high. Whatever victory we have it’s because of the dream alliance on which we forged on. Each election is different and you have to have different strategies for different elections.”
“Assam needed a particular kind of campaigning. We wanted to focus on local issues and more importantly we put the onus on the election and state leadership. Definitely Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s and party president Amit Shah’s campaign did help us, but local leadership owns the election in a big way.”
Speaking on making inroads into the Northeast and its significance Madhav said, “The Northeast as a whole is important from the ideological point of view. Also it has remained underdeveloped in the last so many years. Northeast is the gateway to East Asia and northeast Asia. Victory in Assam is going to help us in our ‘act east policy.’”
“There are two areas which are very important for the national integrity; one is Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) and the other is northeast and today we have BJP government in both the places.”
Speaking on the contribution of Hemanta Biswa, Madhav said, “Biswa will play an important role in the new Assamese government.”
He concluded by saying, “Assam needs to be protected from infiltration and insurgency.”

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