New Delhi: The 156 beagles that were rescued from a testing laboratory in Bengaluru and released into the custody of an NGO are now being groomed for rehabilitation into new homes. 

Because of the docile nature of the beagles breed and their ever-so-trusting outlook towards human, they are experimented on in laborities with for new pharmaceutical and food products which, many a times, include the injection of poisonous substance into the animal. 

Volunteers have been assigned the task of rehabilitating all these beagles who have had their first taste of freedom since the release from the laboratory. They will be groomed so that they can be effectively taken into new homes for adoption.   

Chintana Gopinath, one of the volunteers tending to the beagles, said, “These dogs are phenomenal no matter what traumatic background they come from. They have the ability to bring joy into people’s lives.”

“All of them are babies and we are going to find them homes,” said Chintana optimistically.  



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