New Delhi: Congress lost seats and vote share in both Assam and Kerala, the two states it was in power, while its vote share and seats increased in West Bengal and Puducherry compared to the 2011 results. In Tamil Nadu, it won more seats but got less votes.
In Assam, the Congress vote share came down from 39.39% in 2011 to 31% in this year’s election, according to Election Commission data. The party won 26 seats compared to 78 it had won in 2011. 
In Kerala, Congress won 22 seats and got a vote share of 23.7%, while it had won 38 seats in 2011 with vote share of 26.40%. 
In West Bengal, Congress got 12.3% votes and won 44 seats compared to 42 seats in 2011 with vote share of 9.09%. 
In Tamil Nadu, Congress won eight seats with 6.4% vote share compared to five seats it had won in 2011 with 9.30% votes. 
In Puducherry, Congress won 15 seats with 30.6% votes compared to seven seats it won in 2011 with 26.53% percent votes. It is now poised to form government in the state in alliance with DMK. 

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