Phalodi: Rajasthan’s Phalodi in Jodhpur district broke all temperature records in the country after registering 51 degree Celsius on Thursday.

The previous record for the hottest day was 50.9C back in 1956. The temperature record comes amid a severe heatwave that has gripped most of northern India.

Ahmedabad recorded its highest temperature on Friday, sweltering at 48C, its highest in 100 years.


India’s capital New Delhi has been reeling under intense heatwaves battling temperatures in excess of 42C for weeks, with 47C being the highest yet this season.

Indian summers are mostly sunny with scorching temperatures in the run-up to the monsoon season but temperatures in excess of 50 degree Celsius are unheard of.

“Yesterday (Thursday) was the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country… 51C in Phalodi,” BP Yadav, director of the India Meteorological Department, said.

An ‘orange-alert’ was sounded in north Indian cities after high temperatures kept people running for cover. Dozens of lives have been lost due to the soaring temperatures.

Much of India is in the grip of a severe drought, which has killed at least 300 people, and affected over millions in the country.

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Permanent relief from the heat is only expected with the arrival of the monsoon, which normally arrives mid-June.

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