New Delhi: The Islamic State (IS) has released a new video of Indian terrorists who allegedly joined the terrorist organisation and have been fighting in Iraq and Syria since then. 
The 22-minute long video by Islamic State has been produced with content focused on India and South Asia specially.
The total of five men in the video includes an engineering student from Thane ‘Fahad Tanvir Sheikh’ who is reportedly using the pseudonym Abu Amr’ al-Hindi. In the video, he warns India that IS fighters will return to the nation to avenge blood of Muslims in Kashmir, Gujarat and Muzaffarnagar.
The video also features several other members who are yet to be identified and are suspected to be associated with Indian Mujahideen earlier.
Large parts of the video provides context to the presence of Indian jihadists in the Islamic State – men it describes as jihadists from “Hind wal’Sindh”. The video begins with the warlord Muhammad Bin Qasim’s conquest of the region. 
Most part of the video contains interviews, mainly conducted at an unidentified coastal location. There is no combat footage of Indians, bar one sequence involving several men in two boats, first released by the Islamic State’s Indian affiliate, Junood Khilafat-al-Hind, in 2015.
Explaining his personal journey, one jihadist says he was forced to leave Mumbai for the Khorasan region, or the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands, after the 2008 shootout at Batla House in which Indian Mujahideen Commander Atif Amin was killed.

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