BENGALURU: Averting the mid-air tragedy, two planes scraped each other on Thursday during a stunts display at the Aero India airshow in Bengaluru. 
Even though one of them was heavily damaged, the planes from the Flying Bulls team landed safely.

Woman pilot Radka Machov is the leader of the four-member team for the Czech Republic.

The acrobatic fliers performed two years ago also in Bengaluru.

The aircraft performing stunts were part of the aerobatic displays, normally a highlight of the aviation exhibition and the air show organized by Defence Ministry held every year. The manufactures from across the globe meet the potential buyers and the show is open to the public on the weekend.

This year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the star guest at the opening ceremony of the event on Wednesday and vowed in his speech to end India’s status as the top defence importers of the world.