New Delhi: With North India reeling under a serious heatwave the news of rain would be welcome one would think, but this was not the case in Uttarakhand.

As per current reports, Saturday evening witnessed a huge cloudburst in the Rudraprayag area of Uttarakhand. Due to this unfortunate incident the Rudraprayag-Badrinath highway remained affected and traffic was at a standstill for almost an hour after the incident.

The cloudburst caused a mudslide, and water mixed with  rubble flowed toward the town of Rudraprayag. A lot of the mud from the mudslide also washed into the farms of the local farmers.
Local authorities made sure that the pilgrims travelling to Badrinath were escorted to safer areas.

So far, there is no news of any casualty. 



(Further update awaited)

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