New Delhi: In a spat of words, the Human Resource Development (HRD) minister Smriti Irani on Monday morning almost had a war on Twitter with the National Spokesperson of Congress, Priyanka Chaturvedi. 
BJP’s Irani took a dig at Rahul Gandhi, saying that creating a campus ruckus was “more Rahulji’s forte”. This Twitter tiff began with a tweet by political columnist Shefali Vaidya, questioning double standards between verbal attacks on a Congress spokesperson and Smriti Irani.
Her tweet read: When @priyankac19 is trolled, it is an attack on ‘dignity of women’ but poisonous slander against @smritiirani is acceptable.
To her tweet’s reply Chaturvedi tweeted: Ms @ShefVaidya a perceived threat to @smritiirani ‘s life gets Z sec, here I am struggling to get rape/death threat investigated. cut the crap
To this Irani responded saying: ,“I don’t have Z security Madam.”
Earlier there were reports that Chaturvedi was threathened on Twitter to be raped and murdered “like Nirbhaya”. There were even reports that Irani’s security was being upgraded to the highest Z category with armed commandos to guard her in view of the increased threat to her life.
Chaturvedi asked Smriti, “I presume no security at all then.” The HRD minister then shot back tweeting, “Why are you so interested in my security? Planning anything?”
“Not worth my time, so don’t worry on that front @smritiirani, you must concentrate on creating another campus ruckus,” Chaturvedi said.
“Dats more Rahulji’s forte. Oh wait, losing Assam is. My bad. Have a good day,” Irani replied.
Chaturvedi retorted with another sarcastic remark. “Repeatedly losing and yet becoming a minister in the cabinet is your forte. You have a glorious day too @smritiirani,” she posted.

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