New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at the inauguration of international conference in Tehran, highlighted in his speech the rich Iranian and Indian tradition with its roots linking to ancient times. PM Modi tried to enhance the Iranian-Indian cultural association by sharing the societal virtues of both the countries. 
“Your conference is most ideally timed. It is an occasion to recall and renew our centuries old association,” Modi said. He also added that the conference was in perfect response to those “who preach radical thoughts in our societies.” 
PM Modi said that that a part of Iranian culture lies in every Indian heart and part of the Indian heritage is woven into the Iranian society. “No one is more qualified to shoulder this task than this gathering of learned men and scholars,” Modi exclaimed. 
Shifting his focus towards the religious and traditional bearings of the two countries, Modi invoked Sufism as the binding force that unites the world as one family. “Sufism, rich product of our ancient links, carried its message of true love, tolerance, acceptance to entire mankind,” Modi remarked. 
Narendra Modi also pointed out the similarities in the two countries by evoking the Mahabharata and Shahnama. 
Thanking the crowd, Modi said, “Your deliberations indeed provide a body of strength to our literary, academic and people to people ties.”

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