Uttarakhand: A mob on Friday attacked BJP MP Tarun Vijay at Silgur Devta temple in Pokhari village of Uttarakhand, for entering the premises with Dalits. Tarun Vijay and other members of the community were hit with the stones by the locals. 
The temple officials said that they will conduct a 9 day ritual to purify the temple. “The temple stands impure and that’s why we are conducting this purification process. We need to conduct some Pujas since the temple has been desecrated by the entry of Dalits”, an official at the Silgur Devta temple said.
The BJP MP Tarun was seriously hurt in the incident and was immediately rushed to Dehradun hospital for treatment. BJP leaders said that the incident could have been prevented had there been enough security measures.
The Uttarakhand govt has condemned the attack on Dalits and has ordered a probe into the matter.


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