New Delhi: China’s advent into the kingdom of Nepal revealed the possibility of a fresh avenue for connectivity as a report claimed that China plans to extend its Nepal rail link to India. 
China already has plans of establishing a cross-border railroad link to the Rasuwagadhi area in Nepal, with an extended railway platform, it would entail for a railway network all the way to the Indian state of Bihar. 
The report said that China plans to finish the railroad plan by 2020 so that connectivity with India and South Asia is improved upon. The completion of the railroad project will enable China to connect to India from Rasuwagadhi to Birgunj (bordering Bihar) as the two points are 240 km apart. 
China’s march into Tibet has already enabled it to establish a direct contact with Nepal. This extension would mean that India’s trade with China will alleviate both in expenditure and distance by connecting the two countries through Bihar instead of Kolkata. 
“The railroad connection to China not only is important for Nepal and Nepalese people’s future development, but also has the capacity to build connectivity with the whole of South Asia. The government of Nepal has the chance to make history,” the article said.

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