New Delhi: Passengers of Southern China Airlines bound for Delhi were on a fix on Tuesday as the flight they were travelling in was diverted from its route back to Mumbai airport because of bad weather on Monday. But when, after more than fifteen hours, there was no information about their flight to Delhi, the passengers became agitated and started protesting. 
When the situation escalated and the protest garnered attention, the passengers raised slogans against Air India officials for their lack of empathy against the belated passengers. Some of the passengers, flashing their tickets, demanded why they were being kept back at the airport when more than fifteen hours had passed since their plane had been diverted. 
One of the passengers speaking to a reporters, said, “When I called few officials of the airport, the Vice President of Air India said, ‘Let the passengers die, I don’t care.'” 
Due to the drastic change of weather in New Delhi on Monday, lots of flights were delayed.