Another UPA era defence deal worth Rs 1800 cores has been scrapped. NewsX has learned that this one too is linked to Italian defence major Finmeccanica whose subsidiary Agusta was in the news lately for paying kickbacks to bag the VVIP chopper deal.
Highly placed sources have told media that the defence minister Manohar Parrikar suspects that the deal struck with another Finmeccanica subsidiary for the supply of 98 torpedoes for the scorpene submarines is not in the national interest.
The move once again raises suspicions about the manner in which the UPA went about its defence acquisitions and presents an opportunity to the Cong’s opponents to question its motives. There are a series of unexplained questions beginning with why the UPA chose a torpedo that has been rejected by the world’s superpowers? Why did it go ahead with the deal even  thoughFinmeccanica was under a graft cloud and was being investigated?
Why did it choose to reject a company that was in a position to transfer technology for the manufacture of the torpedoes here in India? Last but not least will the media now order a probe into establishing why the UPA chose to sign a deal with a company producing rejected torpedoes despite options?

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