NEW DELHI: After connecting with farmers, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday met the delegation of home-buyers from Delhi and NCR region.

After meeting with home-buyers for an hour at the Congress Headquarter in the national capital, Rahul said, “I thought only farmers and tribal people are suffering due to land issues. But the same issue extends to the middle-class as well.”

“Home-buyers are promised a certain super area, but they didn’t get,” he said assuring the home-buyers that the Congress will support the middle class as we have supported the farmers, labourers. 

Rahul told media, “I realised that middle class buyers are being suppressed. Narendra Modi government is anti-middle class.” Government is working against farmers and middle class, he added.

Assuring support to home-buyers, 44-year-old Gandhi said “Just as I stood by farmers, I am now supporting the middle class land buyers as well.”

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