Hyderabad: There are records and there are records. The one making a buzz on social media comes from a man who made his way to the Guinness World Records by giving the most number of hugs in one minute. 
Mr ‘Hug’ aka Krishnan Kumar, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, managed to embrace 79 people in just 60 seconds. In the video, Kumar is giving quick hugs to individuals, both children and adults who were waiting in a queue for their turn.
The funny record can be seen in the video below where Kumar is as fast as the comic superhero ‘Flash’, giving superfast hugs to people of all ages. Although 88 students had queued up for the ‘jaadu ki record wali jhappi’, he managed to hug 83 people.  

Unfortunately the Guinness World Records management team disqualified a number of squeezes which were more headlocks than hugs. Earlier, the record for the most hugs given in one minute by an individual was 77.

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