Haridwar: You must have often heard mothers complaining about the babies eating mud in their early childhood and them complaining about having problems of digestion. But have you have ever heard of an adult eating mud and gaining popularity?
Rameshwar, a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Muradabad district, is quite popular these days in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar city because of his bizarre habit of consuming mud on a regular basis.
What’s more surprising is the fact that he is absolutely fit and healthy and has no problems of digestion or any kind of gastric disease.
A farmer by profession, this wonder man has been eating mud from the last 17 years. He had started eating mud after he suffered from a disease wherein blood used to come out from his mouth. The doctors at that time told him that there is no cure to his disease, following which he started having mud as his ‘bread and butter’.
He claims the disease was cured after that incident and he started having a healthy stomach.
Rameshwar, who lives in Brahmpuri area of Haridwar, claims he consumes at least 500 grams of mud every day.

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