New Delhi: A woman in Delhi was arrested on Thursday because she was charged of stabbing her husband to death after the two had an ugly brawl over the husband’s incessant drinking habit, police said.
As per the police reports the residence of Virender was put in a fix as all his family members — Virender’s wife Mithlesh and three children a girl and two boys, aged 16,18 and 20 years — came forward owning up the crime, a senior official said.
Thursday morning, he had a fight with her wife and at least one of the children, the 20-year-old son, intervened, police said. It led to a scuffle between them during which Virender was stabbed with a knife, the official said.
According to sources, the 48-year-old husband, Virender was stabbed a number of times with a knife by his 45-year-old wife Mithilesh on Thursday morning in the Dayal Park area in Sagarpur locality of south west Delhi.
“The deceased was an alcoholic and the couple fought over the issue regularly,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (South West) Surender Kumar said.
“We have booked and arrested her under Section 302 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code),” the officer said.

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