Sunday, August 14, 2022

3 arrested in Stone-pelting case which took place on Delhi’s Welcome area

Delhi Police stated on Thursday that an FIR was filed under the riots section in connection with a disagreement between two groups in New Delhi’s Photo Chowk.

Three persons have been arrested and 37 have been detained in connection with the event.

In connection with the quarrel between two parties at Photo Chowk, Welcome, an FIR has been filed under the clause of riots. Three persons have been jailed, while 37 others have been apprehended. More research is being carried out.

A quarrel broke out between children from two communities, resulting in stone-pelting.

However, on Wednesday night, police received information regarding the event.

Police officials stated that “At first, the dispute was between children, and then it expanded to people from two neighborhoods.”

DCP North East Delhi, Sanjay Kumar Sain, stated, “We learned about a fight between two parties at Photo Chowk Welcome, and a police unit was dispatched to the scene. An initial investigation revealed that a fight occurred between children while they were playing in the park “

A police official also stated that some criminals had been identified. Following this, action is being initiated under the IPC and the 108 CrPC.

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