Wednesday, August 10, 2022

3 more MPs suspended from Rajya Sabha for this week

Three additional MPs—two from Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and one Independent—were suspended today from Rajya Sabha for rest of this week on suspicion of interfering with House’s business.

Sushil Kumar Gupta, Sandeep Kumar Pathak, and independent MP Ajit Kumar Bhuyan are among AAP lawmakers who have been expelled from the House. With this action, there are now a total of 23 MPs who have been expelled from Rajya Sabha since Tuesday.

They were suspended after interrupting proceedings by entering House’s well, shouting slogans, and holding banners while showing complete contempt for House and the Chair’s authority, according to Deputy Chairman Harivansh Narayan Singh.

They were “suspended from the service of Council for the balance of current week under rule 256,” the chair said.

However, AAP member, Sanjay Singh was expelled from Rajya Sabha on Wednesday for the duration of this week for “throwing paper on the Chair” during House’s business on Tuesday.

For persistently interfering with business in Upper House, a total of 19 opposition MPs were expelled for balance of this week. The Upper House has never suspended so many members in a single batch.

Due to the commotion they had caused during Monsoon Session about agriculture bills, 12 opposition MPs were suspended in November of last year for entirety of Winter Session.

Seven of the 19 suspended members are TMC members, while six DMK MPs, three TRS, two CPM, and one CPI are also suspended.

Sushmita Dev, Mausam Noor, Shanta Chhetri, Dola Sen, Santanu Sen, Abir Ranjan Biswar, and Md. Nadimul Haque of TMC; Kanimozhi NVN Somu of DMK; M Hamamed Abdulla of S Kalyanasundaram; R Girranjan of TRS; NR Elango of CPI(M); and M Shanmugam of C

During the current Monsoon session of Parliament, a total of 27 MPs, including 23 Rajya Sabha MPs and 4 Lok Sabha MPs, have been suspended.

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