New Delhi: Speaking to NewsX in an exclusive interview, Minister of Urban Development and of Parliamentary Affairs Venkaiah Naidu spoke about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) two years of assuming power, its main opposition, and the road ahead for the GST bill.

The Minister of Urban Development said that it he felt enthused by the response from people in the last state assembly elections where BJP registered a resounding victory in Assam. Naidu remarked that BJP was now occupying 46% of the country’s geographical area and 35% of the total population, widely dominating the Congress party.

“We do not want a Congress-mukt Bharat since Congress is our main opposition,” said Naidu, “We just want a Congress-Shashan-mukt Bharat.”

Asked about the passage for the GST bill (Goods and Services Tax bill), Venkaiah Naidu said that they had personally visited Congress President Sonia Gandhi to negotiate a smooth passage for the GST. “The number of parliamentarians supporting the GST bill now outnumbers the opponents of the bill,” said the minister, who shared his optimism about the GST bill in the upcoming monsoon session of the parliament.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs said the BJP was focused more on delivering results to the people while all that the Opposition did was go to the media and spread negative information about the party. Naidu claimed that 44 bills were stuck in the parliament and that the Opposition has to realise that the government is working for the betterment of the people.

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