Patna: With the Bihar government already facing denunciation for its poor governance in the state, another incident reported by sitting legislator of the Bihar government has increased the problems for the JD(U) leader and CM Nitish Kumar.

Reportedly, Kavita Singh, a sitting legislator of JD(U) has alleged that her brother’s SUV was stolen on the night of May 27 from her house in Patna. Kavita, who later registered an FIR in the case, told the police that the car belonged to her brother Rakesh Singh.

“Last night my brother came to meet me from Saran. In the morning, when we woke up, the car was missing”, said Kavita Singh.

As per sources, the police said they will take a look at the CCTV footage and try to find out where the vehicle might have been taken. Even after 24 hours there is no updated information about the theft.

“Administration should be pro-active in tackling crime and such incidents. It’s mostly because of the lapses in administration that crime has increased in Bihar”, said a visibly upset Kavita Singh.

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