New Delhi: Following the grand celebration by the Narendra Modi government for completing two years in power at the centre, former Education Minister and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Saturday slammed the government saying, “Celebrating for what?”
 “We are somewhere paying for and concerned about the attitude of this government. They are going to have a five-hour celebration; celebrating for what? Narendra Modi has said that he is following the path of Mahatma Gandhi; if Mahatma Gandhi was here, what would he have done?”
Sibal remarked, “Would Mahatma Gandhi have gone to India Gate and celebrated for five hours? When the ‘kisans’ are dying, when 3328 suicides have been committed till date, which is the highest number since 2001, where people don’t have water to drink, is such action justified.”
“Mahatma Gandhi would have actually gone to the villages to feel the pain of the kisans and do something about it. He would not have gone to India Gate to celebrate the two years. He would have given the money used for the celebrations to the kisans,” Sibal further added.
Comparing the UPA’s governance with NDA, Sibal said, “When UPA was in power, the agricultural growth rate was 4%. Today it’s a negative downfall in the agriculture because not enough attention is being given to irrigation. Within 26 kms of Latur, you have a dam but the water does not reach Latur. What is the government doing after being in power for two years? What have they done about the farmers in India, for those who live in villages?”
“Congress is a government which has always wanted to give freebies to the country. Actually, this govt is indebting the industries by increasing the excise rate. The industrialists are not happy, farmers are not happy, the youths are not getting jobs, yet you are celebrating two years of what? This is the time to introspect. In fact, not only BJP, all the parties should think about it. This is not a time to celebrate.”
Actually they are celebrating two years of Modi, when you should celebrate two years of India. This is not a celebration for India. That’s what we need to do when our per capita is $20,000 a month. When our economy is a 9 trillion dollar economy, then it’s a reason to celebrate. When we are not short of jobs, when no rapes happen, that’s a time to celebrate. Every day a rape occurs in the country. Yesterday a- 13- year- old was raped in the capital. I don’t understand what they are celebrating. They are just celebrating Narendra Modi.”
Talking about the foreign policies and visits of the Prime Minister, Kapil Sibal said, “They have no idea of foreign policy. Look at our relationship with Nepal nowadays; it has never been so bad. The president does not want to come to the country. In Pakistan you invite the sources of terrorism to the country. You invite them to join the investigation in the Pathankot airbase. They should have first said that our condition is to go there and find out who is responsible for the terrorist attacks. We know who is responsible; it is Masood Azhar, the head of the Jaish-e-Mohammed. 
China supported Pakistan and it was the Chinese president who was on the ‘jhoola’ in Gujarat. And you flaunt to the rest of the world that our relationship with China has changed. PM goes to France and he orders Rafales without realising what the prices are going to be.”