New Delhi: In completion of two years since officially assuming political power in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech on the achievements and the tasks that lay ahead for the ruling government at India Gate on Saturday night.
Exclaiming that the government had championed the cause of eradicating corruption and working tirelessly to expose it in every sector, Modi said that the work of the previous government has to be analysed so that people can make out the vast difference which was apparent now. “The common people can analyse all the work the government had done and they can decide what is right and wrong,” said the Prime Minister. 
Prime Minister Modi said that corruption was a moth which had emptied the belly of India and exclaimed that corruption was the source of all problems in the country. Modi pointed out how the Supreme Court had revoked the licences of all the coal mining companies and that the further scrutiny of the coal mine corruption by the government had led to both the Central and State government’s treasury being filled. 
“I have subtly acted against corruption,” Modi said, and added that people who relied on corrupt practices till now will not be able to repeat it in the future. 
The former Gujarat CM also pointed out how the government had exposed massive scams in ration card, subsidised kerosene, absent teachers and fake names in gas connections. The Prime Minister claimed that more than Rs 36,000 crores had been saved by the government and that all the leakages in funds which were present previously had now been trickled down. 
“The prices of LED lights which used to be 200 to 400 rupees has now been reduced to 60-70 rupees,” the PM exclaimed, and said that more than 20,000 mega watts, which directly translated to an approx 1 lakh crore rupees, had been saved. 
The Prime Minister admitted that there were strong voices criticising him and taking his reforms and censuring them. “People who previously enjoyed a lifestyle of corruption, when that power is taken away from them, of course they will target Modi,” the PM said. 
The Prime Minister said the plight of farmers in the country was dire and that instead of blaming the crops, the weather, the fertilizers for the soil, the PM said that the farmer should focus more on the health of the soil. “We have destroyed mother earth and we have exploited it,” Modi said, and added that a Soil Health Card had been introduced which would enable the farmer to study his soil and decide the best conditions for the crops to grow in. 
“I am not here to highlight my achievements,” Modi said, “I am here so that the people of India can entrust their belief in me.” The Prime Minister remarked at last that it was imperative for a government to trust its people, and when that trust is established, only then will change occur in the society.   


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