New Delhi: The Congress on Sunday rejected the charge that it has been obstructionist vis-a-vis the Narendra Modi government, saying its politics reflected the ground reality of India.
“This is not the politics of obstructionism but of realism so that ground reality could be shown to them,” Congress leader Anand Sharma told reporters here in response to Prime Minister Modi’s suggestion that the opposition to his government’s policies was reactionary in nature.
Speaking at a celebration of his government’s two years in office, Modi said on Saturday, “Two things have emerged in the last 15 days. One is ‘Vikasvad’ (development) and the other is ‘Virodhvad’ (obstructionism). What is the reality, people can judge for themselves.”
Anand Sharma said the way Prime Minister spoke on Saturday, it seemed as if he has fulfilled all the promises he had made while running for office in 2014.
“He pretended as if he has fulfilled the aspirations of common man… (but) their claims are wrong and the figures reject it,” the Congress leader said.
There is a gap in what the prime minister says and what he does, Sharma said.
“He (Modi) had promised two crore jobs every year. So at least four crore jobs should have been created till date. I throw him open challenge to prove if he has even created four lakh jobs,” he said.
Sharma claimed that during the last two years the rate of investment has gone down.
“For the first time in history the national investment rate has gone down with respect to national savings rate,” he said. 

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