Pune: Alleging that a milk van was carrying beef, a group of youth in Pune were thrashed and their car damaged on Tuesday.

Arbaj Shaikh, the 19-year-old who was behind the wheels of the milk van, said that Shivshankar Swami, 23, abruptly stopped their vehicle and started accusing them of carrying beef inside the vehicle.

Swami, after beating up the youth, also filed a complaint against them for possession of beef. Swami went on to allege that Shaikh and his friends had slaughtered cows near Ahmednagar and were ferrying their meat in the van.

Shaikh said that their car was being accompanied by that of Swami’s.

Commenting on the incident, Senior Inspector Sanjay Kurundkar said, “It is not known from where these youths brought the meat that is suspected to be beef and where the cattle were slaughtered. Police are probing the case.”

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