Bengaluru: In a tragic turn of events for four friends, Pranita Mehta, a law student from Rajasthan lost her life after she slipped from a rock at Gokarna beach in Kumta Taluk on May 29 due to sudden emergence of a strong wave. 
Pranita, along with other three friends was on a tour to visit the beach when this incident took place. The students were perched on the coast while a sudden rise in the tide caused Pranita to lose her balance and slip off from the rock. 
The incident was reported from Gokarna beach in Kumta Taluk on May 29. The local fishermen around the area assisted the girls in retrieving Pranita from the swirling waters of the sea. But by the time of her rescue, Pranita had already died. It was confirmed to NewsX by people close to the deceased that she slipped off by accident and not due to taking a selfie as was widely reported.
Correction: NewsX had earlier reported that Pranita Mehta fell to her death from the lighthouse near the Gokarna beach while taking a selfie. In the filed FIR, the law student had actually drowned in a tide after she slipped from a rock. 
A copy of the FIR filed by the deceased friends. 

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