Mathura: A forensic lab report in Mathura made an appalling revelation on Tuesday when it published in its report that the meat found in Mohhamad Akhlaq’s fridge was not mutton as the first forensic lab had concluded, but was actually beef.

The Mathura lab report claimed that the meat found in Akhlaq’s refrigerator, over which he was dragged out of the house and lynched, was actually beef as the mob had initially suspected. The lab report said that the meat belongs to cow and its progeny, officially contradicting the earlier forensic lab report.

This is the second analysis of the meat in the Dadri mob lynching case where Akhlaq was killed by a mob for possession of beef in the house. The Akhilesh Yadav government will have to provide answers for this contradictory report in the case.

The Dadri lynching which took place on 28th September 2015 stirred a national controversy about people’s religious paranoia pertaining to the consumption of beef.  


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