CHENNAI: Son of former BCCI Chief N Srinivasan, ‘homosexual’ Ashwin has accused his famous father for forcing him to marry a woman to continue his family line.

In an interview to a leading daily, Ashwin stated he wants to spend his life with partner Avi Mukherjee but he has been shifted to Chennai and held captive there after he spoke about his brother-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan having connections with the bookies from Chennai and Dubai.

Ashwin expressed that he needs his share of his family property from his father and would like to live peacefully with Avi.

The young boy further said that he was held caged against his will at Tony First Avenue near the residence of his father in Boat club.

Ashwin forwarded around six handwritten letter by his father to him urging him to carry on the family lineage and protect his business to the daily as a proof. The letters also mentioned Srinivasan’s views on homosexuality.

In one of the letters, Srinivasan wrote, “You need to re-enter normal society which you left years ago. Until you change, I am going to induct Rupa (Srinivasan’s daughter and Meiyappan’s wife) on to the India Cements Board.”

After several letter over the years, Ashwin responded to them in a lashing out letter to his father for which he replied with another letter saying that he was trying to ‘threaten’ him and ‘extortion was clearly visible’.

Srinivasan, on the basis of the letters viewed Avi as a ‘criminal’ who broke the laws and indulged into illegal activities including drugs.

Srinivasan refused to comment on the letter released by son stating that it is a personal matter between him and his son.

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