Bengaluru: The Karnataka police men want leaves, not sick leaves or normal leaves but harassment leaves and around 50,000 cops have decided to go on a mass strike. Recently a video that emerged justifies the reason why the cops want to go on leaves or abandon work.

In the video the cops can be seen sweeping the floor and cleaning a community hall that is said to be owned by DIG of Railway Mr.Hs Venkatesh a senior official of police under whom all the other cops in the video fall.

If sources are to be believed, this is not something very unusual as often the top cops force their work on the juniors and make them work for their personal benefits and the recent outrage amongst the policemen of Karnataka is proof of the ‘shameful’ situation.

Social activists say that this has been practised since decades but has come into light now. They were glad that this ‘harassment’ has been noticed on time and can be rectified if worked upon.

The cops also highlighted the problems such as constant harassment by seniors, abnormal work hours and disparity in sanctioning of leaves.

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