Bengaluru: A techie in Bengaluru was assaulted by a traffic violator for filming the traffic violation on his mobile phone.

The incident took place at around 10.40 am near Wipro Park in Kor Bangla area. The victim, Ankit Chowdhary saw a man riding his bike on a pavement and he started filming him. Seeing this, the rider got angry and slapped Ankit, asking him to delete the video.

In an interview with News X, the victim, Ankit Chowdhary said that he was heading to work when he saw a guy riding his bike on the footpath. He took out his phone to take an image and report it to cops but it didn’t really sit well with the guy.

“The man parked his bike and came after me to hit me and that’s what I have filmed on my phone. He was trying to hit the phone too, trying to destroy it. We got into a small quarrel but after that I left for office and later filed a complaint.

A case of assault and traffic violation has been registered by the Bengaluru police.

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