New Delhi: Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Washington which is scheduled for next week, United States Senator Ben Cardin dealt a critical analysis to the government when he spoke about issues related to religious intolerance and human rights at the University of Chicago Centre in New Delhi on Wednesday.

“There are extra-judicial killings in India, it is different in different areas of this country,” said the US senator, “That can’t be allowed to continue.”

Speaking on religious freedom and intolerance, Ben said that there are religious tolerance issues in India and that the country has anti-conversion laws from long time ago for different reasons than today. “And yet they’re being used in some parts of India to infringe people’s right to religious freedom,” Cardin said.

Despite the Modi government’s claim that the climate in the country for women had become safer, Ben Cardin said that women were particularly vulnerable in India, and that violence against women has been permitted for too long of a period of time.

On human trafficking in the country, Cardin said, “It is particularly troublesome on human trafficking issue. India has been a tier 2 country in Trafficking in Persons in a report prepared by the United States government.”

However, Cardin claimed that he was impressed with the actions taken by Prime Minister Modi and added that the PM had presented a platform for India that brought the two countries together to “share so many same visions.”

“Prime Minister Modi was not invited to address a joint session of Congress (USA) because of his name; he’s there because of this country,” Cardin said about PM Modi’s visit Washington next week.



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