Raipur: The former Chhattisgarh CM and senior Congress leader Ajit Jogi has threatened to quit Congress party as a protest against Rahul Gandhi’s ‘planned’ elevation in the party. Rahul Gandhi is currently the Congress vice-president.
Earlier on Wednesday, there were reports about the Gandhi scion being elevated to the post of the party president as part of the Congress ‘surgery’.
There are even reports that there is a role in the offing for Priyanka Gandhi too. But no sooner had the news broken that some voices in the Congress began to ask questions. They wondered whether elevating Rahul would only underline the belief that the coin is a Gandhi family fief.
They asked whether elevating Rahul would lead rivals to ask whether there is space for merit in the Congress party. Some even said that the BJP would be entitled to say that the coin was rewarding an underachiever who had pushed the party under him to its lowest ever showing in general elections in 2014. Others said that perpetuating dynasty is totally out of sync with a changing India, where merit matters more than lineage.

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