New Delhi: After an eviction drive near Jawahar Bagh area in Mathura turned extremely volatile on June 3, Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police (DGP) Javed Ahmad briefed the public about the fallouts of the skirmish.

Acknowledging that bombs had been used in the clash, the DGP said that the fire which had been started by the encroachers of the Jawahar Bagh area resulted in their own death. Ahmad claimed that the encroachers, who call themselves Satyagrahi and followers of Subhash Chandra Bose, were a major cause of irritant for the residents in the vicinity.

“Jawahar Bagh has been totally cleaned; we cleaned out the area till the evening,” said Ahmad, and also added that the people of Mathura had helped and assisted the police in warding off the attackers and nabbing the ones who tried to escape.

“22 people have died; 11 have been charred to death in the fire that they started themselves,” the DGP said, who refrained from counting the two deceased jawans with the encroachers. Ahmad said that of the 22 people who died, 11 were charred to death in the fire, and the rest were beaten to death by lathis and other instruments. Ahmad also confirmed that one woman had died in the clash.

Speaking about death of two jawans, an SP and an SHO, the DGP said that family members of both Mukul Dwivedi and Santosh Yadav will be rendered support help cope with the absence. The two jawans were cremated today in full honours.

The UP DGP who had been instructed by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to conduct a probe into the matter said that a total of 23 policemen had been injured and some had suffered bullet injuries.

“The policemen were all beaten mercilessly, some were left thinking they were dead,” said Ahmad.

Javed Ahmad also said that if there were anyone who had partaken in the riot, they will not be spared by the police. 



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