New Delhi: Abil Rasoon Khan, Chairman of the State Minorities Commission in Hyderabad on Tuesday said that the practice of Triple Talaq was being misused to discriminate women and to harass them constantly in the marriage. Khan also requested the higher religious authorities to introduce reforms in this archaic religious tradition to protect the rights of women. 
Abil Rasool Khan also favoured the uniform civil code and said that the onus should not only be upon Islam, but all other religions where women are subjected to the disparate norms of a religious society. 
The chairman said that there were 30-40 cases of desertions in marriage registered last year. He also added that the practice had entailed for a helpless plight of the woman who is abruptly left without sound support. 
Khan said, “Earlier, we had held discussions with all stake-holders, including Ulemas and we were told that the matter is being dealt with by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and shortly some decisions would be coming.”
“My opinion is that definitely there is discrimination against women by misuse of this provision under the Islamic act,” he added. 
“So, I think Ulemas also have to open up their minds, talk about this with stake-holders, try to speak to all the commissions and governments…how many women are being persecuted like this, and then reform the laws in such a way that it will also not hinder the Islamic Act as well as give due protection to women because the fact remains that Islam definitely provides equality to and protection for women. Only by this issue (triple talaq), the whole tenets of Islam should not be questioned,” Khan said.