New Delhi: Bihar topper Saurabh Mishra from Bishnu Rai College failed the re-exam that he was made to take after questions were raised on his topping the Science stream.

Another topper Ruby Rai from the same college chose to opt out of the re-examination.

The affiliation of Bishnu Rai College has been axed after this incident.

An action has been initiated in the matter and the results of the ‘toppers’ have been cancelled. Such bizarre incidents have questioned the malice of the education system in the country as a whole.

Saurabh, a science stream topper was asked by a journalist the most reactive element in the periodic table but the topper could not answer the question correctly.

The Science ‘topper’ failed the re-examination and now Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) has cancelled his result. Results of two students Saurabh and Rahul out of the 13 students who appeared for the re-examination have been cancelled.

Ruby Rai, the political science topper who thinks political science is about cooking, did not appear for the re-exam due to medical reason is now being asked to appear before the Bihar School Examination Board on June 11.