Doha: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday interacted with Indian workers at a camp in Doha, Qatar. 
Here are the key pointers from the Prime Minister’s speech: 
·         My first program in Doha is meeting you all
·        When someone from our nation comes, who speaks our language, knows of our land, we want to ask them how they are, know them.
·         I want to thank the doctors here. Sometimes loneliness is a disease. When someone asks how we are, we feel better
·        When someone who speaks our language asks us that, half the loneliness goes away.
·         India’s image is not formed on basis of how our embassy works, it is based on Indians everywhere around the world.
·         The way you guys work is the reason why Indians are appreciated, want to offer you all my gratitude.
·         I’ve looked into the things and changes you wish for as you work here, I will work to my best extent to help you.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently in Qatar on a two-day visit on the second leg of his five-nation tour.

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