Guntur: What could have been more ‘funny’ and unfortunate for the owner of a jewellery shop in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh when a monkey entered his shop and ‘stole’ a bundle of Rs 10,000 from the cash register.
In a CCTV footage from the shop, a monkey is seen entering the shop and ‘looking around’ for things. 
However, it is seen opening one of the drawers which happens to be the cash drawer and randomly picks up a bundle of Rs 10,000.

The shopkeeper tries to chase the monkey but the simian approaches the cash drawer and flees away with the money.
There have been earlier incidents of such ‘thefts’ in which monkeys were involved in ‘stealing’ money from people in markets and temples. A temple in Vrindavan some time back had money falling from the skies. It was no miracle though; it was discovered that a monkey had grabbed a devotee’s purse and was ‘raining’ money.
In another incident a resident of Borivali in Mumbai had just finished offering prayers at the Banke Bihari temple when a simian snatched her purse. It then sat on a ledge and managed to unbundle a few notes which it then flung in the air.
We wonder how the ‘thieving’ monkey from the jewellery shop will spend his loot — go on a shopping spree, buy his girl friend an engagement ring, go tripping? 

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