Gujarat: In what can be called a complete flip-flop in the law of jungle, dramatic visuals of a buffalo chasing a lioness into the wild in Gir National park, Gujarat have emerged.
In the visuals, a lioness is seen moving around the visitors’ jeep, giving them the golden chance to capture its feline moves in their cameras, when all of a sudden a buffalo appears in the frame, chasing the lioness forcing it to disappear into the wild within a few seconds. 
Take a look: 
Recently, another visual from the Gir national park became viral where Asiatic lions came to a watering hole together in a group. The group consisted of two lioness and their cubs. 
Gir National Park is the only home of the Asiatic lions that were once found across northern Africa, south west Asia and northern Greece. The population of Asiatic lions in the national park which was 411 in 2010, increased to 523 in 2015. 

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