Lucknow: Amit Shah, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president on Tuesday highlighted the achievement of Modi government in the past two years. He talked about the party’s plans, policies and schemes in the last two years. In short, Shah gave a report card of ‘Achhe Din’ in a press conference. 
Here are the pointers: 
We are developing both rural and urban areas
Industries and agriculture both are given equal importance.
Both, foreign policy and security policy are working separately but in national interest. 
This government is working with clarity and focus.
In every 15 days, our govt has taken an initiative due to which many schemes have been formulated.
2015 has been a record-breaking year:
Production of Urea, after independence, has been highest in this year. 
Ethenol, a solution to the problem of farmers producing sugarcane, has been mixed with petroleum.
Maximum of the poor have been provided with gas connection. 
Business indicators have grown the maximum. 
Our economy has become the fastest growing economy. 
Many employment programmes have been introduced. 
Many of the villages have been electrified. 
As far as UP is concerned, we could not reach the desired limit there as the UP govt hindered every plan of ours. 
Appeal to people to give us one chance in Uttar Pradesh, in order to stop all the problems that are prevailing under the SP government. 
What Sanjeeev Balyan has said is his personal opinion and the mention of beef is due to the report of the laboratory which mentions that the meat found in the house was beef. 
We have never talked about removing the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Raghuram Rajan. If any individual has said so, it is his personal opinion.
I have not watched the movie ‘Udta Punjab’ and so cannot comment on it.