Chennai: No one would think that a minor surgery such as undergoing hair transplant could lead to loss of somebody’s life. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be true in Chennai, where a medical student lost his life after undergoing hair transplant. 
Santosh Kumar, a final year MBBS student at the Madras Medical College, was suffering from grade 2 baldness due to which the front of his head had become bald. Due to this, Santosh opted for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This procedure is performed under local anaesthesia as it is a minor surgical procedure. 
Santosh got his surgery done at the Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre in Nungambakkam, which is actually a salon that possesses a licence only for hair styling and hair cutting. But this incident highlighted such fraudulent practices the salon was conducting without any requisite permission. 
The surgery was conducted successfully, but after Santosh left for his home things started getting worse. Starting with fever, diarrhoea and vomiting to fingers turning blue, it eventually led to multi-organ failure, resulting in the end of a young life. 
The Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre has been sealed by the authorities and notices have been sent to the two doctors asking them for an explanation as to how such surgeries were being conducted at the salon. 

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