New Delhi: Olympic medallist Anju Bobby George on Thursday accused the Kerala Sports Minister, EP Jayarajan, of threatening her and the members of the Kerala Sports Council. Anju Bobby George is the head of the council.

In a complaint filed to the Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan, the first Indian athlete to win a medal in World Championships in Athletics said that Jayarajan had accused her and her council members of being corrupt and opposing the ruling party.

George, when attending a meeting with the Kerala Sports Minister, had been allegedly derided and verbally abused by Jayarajan, who expressed doubts about how the head of the Kerala Sports Council had been able to travel from Bengaluru to Kerala by air when in fact, George’s travel accommodation has been sanctioned by the Finance Ministry.

It is also said that Jayarajan told George that since she did not believe he would come into power, she will now have to “wait and see”, in a manner most akin to an open threat.

Kerala Sports Minister EP Jayarajan also made headlines recently when he publicly stated that the deceased boxer Muhammad Ali had won many medals for Kerala.

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