New Delhi: In dry state Gujarat where there is a complete prohibition on alcohol, Gujarat Minister of State for Tribal Development, Kanti Gamit, courted controversy when he told tribal parents to consume alcohol “in limits”. 

Addressing the crowd during the Shala Praveshotsav in an Antroli village school, the minister urged the parents of the tribal wards to “consume less alcohol” so that they remain in state of soberness during their normal working days. 

“People like us who consume alcohol or palm wine (tadi), have fights at homes. If anyone of you is into drinking, you must drink in limits. I am not saying that you should give up drinking alcohol. But, we tribals, do not have any limits. Once we sit down to drink, we can spend the entire day in an inebriated state. All wives must lovingly explain. Yes, in case of an occasion like a wedding or a festival, if you have had an extra drink or two, it is acceptable because we are tribals. But, if you are into alcohol from morning to evening, you must measure your drink,” Gamit said. 

The alcohol topic sprang up when Gamit talked about the tribal tradition of regularly drinking palm wine (tadi). He said he did not want the parents to completely give up on alcohol, but wanted the parents not to be in inebriated conditional all day.   


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