New Delhi: A group of Bishada residents moved the court on Thursday demanding an FIR against the family members of Mohammad Akhlaq, who was killed last year on suspicion of storing beef at his house.

The locals have filed a petition demanding for an FIR against Akhlaq’s kin accusing them of being guilty of cow slaughter. According to the petition, a stray calf (bull) from Bisara village had gone missing which was allegedly slaughtered by Akhlaq, his brother and other family members. 

“That Akhlaq and his family members had slaughtered a calf (bull), which was associated with the faith of village residents, on the occasion of Eid. The aforementioned names had witnessed the event but they did not get a complaint registered or name themselves because of the fear of the administration and police. On June 2nd, this complaint has been submitted to Jharcha police but they gave the petitioner a receipt of his complaint, assuring him of a probe,” the petition read.

Earlier on Tuesday, a report was issued by the laboratory of Uttar Pradesh University claiming that the meat found in Akhlaq’s house was beef which re-ignited tension in the village of Bisara and the issue once again started simmering.

On September 28, 2015, a mob of Hindu people attacked Mohammad Akhlaq and his family for allegedly consuming beef and for cow slaughtering.