Lucknow: After the guerrilla war at Jawahar Bagh, Mathura that claimed 29 lives including 2 policemen has now revealed a new twist to the entire incident.

As per reports, the title documents of the ownership of the disputed land have now gone missing.

The government ownership documents are neither available at the tehsil level nor at the commissioner level. They are also missing from the Revenue Board office in Lucknow.

The local police have reported that it had evicted about 2000 illegal occupants from Jawahar Bagh following a court order. The clash between the police and the illegal occupants broke out on June 2. 

The occupants were the followers of Ram Briksh Yadav who was the founder of the Swadheen Bharat Sena and the group had been preparing for battle, piling up ammunition and crude bombs, right under the nose of the district administration.

Uttar Pradesh Director General of Police Javeed Ahmed said, 47 country-made pistols, 184 cartridges and 178 hand grenades were recovered from the park.

Ram Briksh Yadav was also killed in action in the clash; his body was identified by an associate who was in jail.