DANTEWADA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Naxal-affected Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh today which is his first visit to the region after he became the Prime Minister last year. 64-year-old Modi is in the state to take a note of socio-economic development initiatives being taken there. (Also Read: Naxals take 300 villagers hostage ahead of Modi rally in Chhattisgarh. Why is police denying reports?)

Scheduled to inaugurate two projects in the district worth a sum of Rs. 24,000 crore, a steel plant in Dantewada’s Dilmili village and the second phase of a 140 km railway line from Raoghat to Jagdalpur, Modi earlier in the day also spoke to school children and discussed various issues with them.

Modi then addressed a large gathering of the people. 

Here are the highlights of what the Prime Minister said at his rally in Dantewada.

• This is possibly the first time that in an initiative like this, MoUs worth Rs. 24, 000 crore have been signed.
• I can foresee what this MoU will do for the development of the state.
• Don’t judge life by success or failures.
• People have asked us to make sure that there are jobs for their children.
• The development fruits must reach the poorest of the poor.
• Jobs for youth are at the core of our policies.
• There will be development to reach all corridors of the society. 
• Violence has no future. 
• Kindly put your gun down for five days.
• Choose development over violence.
• The CM of Chhattisgarh has handed a pen to those who wanted their kids to arm weapons.
• Do not be disappointed. The Naxal activities will as well be fought.
• I am glad about the efforts made by Chief Minister Raman Singh for making salt commonly available to the Chhattisgarh people.
• Railways will connect Jagdalpur to mainstream of society.
• Have you seen any media report about corruption in last year ever since my government has taken over?
• Chhattisgarh has the power to change the future of our country.

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