NEW DELHI: What Rahul Gandhi has done after his 57-day sabbatical as a Congress Vice-President is coming as a surprise for one and all including the ruling NDA. 

At first, he made a speech to farmers, strangely in a raised pitch this time, which was followed by his two speeches in Parliament. Even though his address, both the times was witty and mocking the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), it still had taken the saffron party completely by surprise. 

And this time, the Gandhi scion has done something which no body was actually expecting him to do. He joined Twitter, which certainly is a gutsy move that was pending for long. 

Rahul joining Twitter, at a time, when the Twitter space is majorly dominated by the Congress haters and Modi-NDA lovers and several jokes around him with mocking names given to him and other leaders of his party including mother, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, it certainly needs courage.

In the abuse trolls, Rahul Gandhi is sure going to be fresh meat for the opportunists hunting for a chance to ridicule him and poke fun at.

Social media plays an important role for not an individual personality only but for an overall result. While BJP ran several social media campaigns ahead of Lok Sabha Elections 2014 and enjoyed a big win, Congress on the other hand, admitted that their lack of presence on social media was one of the factors of their defeat.

During the time, Congress spokesperson Priya Chaturvedi too accepted that Congress woke up ‘too late’ on social media.

Well, is this why 44-year-old Rahul wanted to try his luck on social media? 

The BJP and RSS utilized it has a perfect platform and knew how to best benefit from the technology. Via its interactive mediums, it extended their political goals and ideologies.

However, Rahul cannot afford to repeat the dull performance of PMOIndia account that was used by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his tenure.

Here are five basic things the Congress Vice-President should follow, not only to perform well but also that would save him from becoming butt of jokes on Twitter.

Do not use the account as a mere PR machine:

Twitter undoubtedly is a great way of letting the world know your whereabouts, but it would certainly help the Congress VP if he does not restrict his account to this only. There is a lot more to share than what you are doing where.

The first tweet itself of his account, “Watch this space for information and updates on Rahul Gandhi’s official programs and upcoming events,” was not very promising as there is a lot more people would want to know and understand about him and his party than his party events and programs.

Tweeting about national or global news, tagging people, interacting with them is good way of connecting with the audience.

Picking up questions from people, media personnel etc would help Gandhi and his sinking party rise once again.  Remember how Modi used Twitter and Facebook to communicate directly with his supporters while smartly skipping out the uncomfortable questions? It helped him well.

Ignore the Parody Accounts

Parody accounts are common for famous faces and are the soul of any social media platform and Rahul is no less. In fact, his current image is bound to have more parody accounts than his counterparts. But he needs to avoid being another PMOIndia deed (Manmohan Singh) who reportedly tried to shut it down. 

Parody accounts are just another subtle way of general public mocking the big names of any industry, not only political world. So just ignore, and focus on your account.

Replying to every troll is a mistake

This is certain to happen. It would be no wrong to say that there would be many who would have been waiting for Rahul Gandhi to join at least something on social media so that they can aim their target on him. They may, may not be his political rivals also. 

Instead of hitting back on what has attacked him, it would be better to focus on delivering the real image of what Rahul Gandhi is. Do not engage into an argument, anger over anything, suggest your view, do not impose.

Learn only, do not follow the masters

BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) undoubtedly have mastered the skill of utilizing the social media platform in an appropriate way. There is no harm in learning from them, but to just follow them would definitely invite jokes.

From organizing events on social media, to inviting support, from ensuring that you are always trending for positive reasons to offering people what they exactly want from you for creating a roar, there is a lot you can do and learn from your rivals. 

Do not advertise yourself

Do not make the mistake of advertising yourself. Inform, but do not advertise and create hype out of nothing. People are interested to know what you have done, not in what you have not done, except rival parties. Your account is for your audience, not other political parties. 

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