Mandsaur: In a shocking incident coming from Madhya Pradesh, Niranjan Bhatnagar, a music teacher in Mandsaur, was thrashed by his students for allegedly eve-teasing them.

However, Niranjan the accused denied the allegations and said that this is a conspiracy by the students to malign his reputation. He also said that one of the girls had told him that her parents did not treat her well and was upset about it. He further added that the girls came to him to learn music and did not pay any fees.

He said that he did nothing objectionable and was beaten up for nothing. He also said that one of the girls was fond of a local boy Pandya. The girl had told him that her parents would kill her if she told them about her love for him.

As per official reports, MP Singh Parihar SHO, said, “This teacher is said to use obscene words while teaching music. Both parties are at the police station right now.”

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