Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s monogrammed suit goes under the hammer for Rs 4.31 crore in an auction on Friday. The bid was won by Dharmanandan Diamonds Pvt. Ltd who made a bid of Rs.4 crore 31 lakhs.

“The suit has been purchased for Rs 4.31 crore by Dharmananda Diamond Company’s Lalji Patel and his son Hitesh Patel,” District Collector Rajendra Kumar announced at the close of the 3-day auction at 5 pm.

Earlier in the day, a Bhavnagar businessman had offered a whopping Rs 2.95 crore for the suit. The bid was made by Bhavnagar-based ship breaker Komalkant Sharma, owner of Leela Group of Companies.

Earlier, US-based NRI-run Avanti Corporation submitted a bid of Rs 2.91 crore. A representative of the company Sanjay Ojha submitted the written offer on behalf of Avanti Corporation. Prior to that, a bid of Rs 2.86 crore was made by Rajesh Jain, who is Managing Director of Haryana-based LPS Bossard company.

On the last day of the three-day auction, there were many bids for the suit that Modi wore during his meeting with US President Barack Obama last month. The suit is being auctioned along with 455 items that Modi received as gifts during his nearly nine-month tenure as Prime Minister to generate funds for his ambitious ‘Clean Ganga Mission’.