New Delhi: A day after the Bombay High Court decided in a resounding victory for the filmmakers of ‘Udta Punjab’, CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) Chief Pahlaj Nihalani on Tuesday reacted amicably to the news.

The censor board chief who was termed as ‘dictator’ by director Anurag Kashyap for bearing down heavily upon ‘Udta Punjab’ said that the producers always has the right to challenge the order and added that the CBFC welcomes the Bombay HC’s decision.

Nihalani said that the incident shouldn’t be counted on whether it is a win or lose situation for both the side. “It’s a win of democracy,” said Nihalani, who swerved away from answering questions about the topic of drug menace in Punjab.




The censor board chief also said that he did not watch the film, but had only adhered to the file and the directories sent by the film examining committee following which he had then taken action.

“I only followed orders,” said the CBFC chief.

The CBFC had initially recommended 89 cuts for the film ‘Udta Punjab’, making it virtually impossible for director Kashyap to cater it to audience with the right messages. ‘Udta Punjab’ focuses on drug menace in the state of Punjab.